Architectural Concept Planning

When we first meet with a client it is as much about what they want to achieve as it is about getting to know them. It’s good to sit down and have a chat over a drink about their lifestyle and what they love. Knowing this, lets us design a better home that can keep up with their style of life. Throughout this process, we are also understanding the environment and considering how we can use it to better our architectural design.
Budget consideration is important during this phase. This can sometimes be an area clients feel uncomfortable discussing, however being open about this from the start is a way to ensure the design achieves what it needs to without making life harder in the future.

Architectural Design Proposal

Once the initial Scope has been signed of, the design consideration becomes one of main focuses. A lot of consideration is given to the following factors…

  • Sustainable Living – Does the design maximise the natural environment and make use of natural resources?
  • Materials – What materials are desired and how do these fit within the environment and budget?
  • Spacial Design – Does the design maximise space and allow ease of living?
  • Passive Environmental Design – How does the house work in a living environment and day to daly life.
  • Landscape Considerations – How will the design maximise the outdoor area?
  • Budget Consideration – Does the design meet the budget requirements?
  • Final Client Sign Off – Is the client elated with the design and how it fits within the budget

Council Consent

With thorough knowledge of the building code and a strong background in solving complex designs, we have the experience to facilitate any project big or small. We have worked with various regional councils throughout New Zealand and have a great working relationship with them. Throughout this process we look after the following…

  • Documentation
  • Lodgment
  • Council Liaison

Construction Support

Throughout the process of the design and build we like to have an overview of how things are progressing and are always available to help when needed. Staying solution focused when problems arise allows projects to run smoothly and efficiently. We value good relationships with everyone involved in the project to ensure the job is completed with success and a ‘cheers’ at the end of it!

  • Good relationships
  • Overview of work
  • Solution focused